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Stainless Steel Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing In Coils.
1 Commodity Precision Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Seamless Coiled Tubes
2 Production Process Cold drawing (cold-draw)
3 Surface Finish     Vacuum bright annealing (adopting vacuum bright annealing process, the inside and outside surface of stainless steel pipe will not contact with oxygen, and no oxide skin will be roduced, so that the surface of stainless steel coiled tubes will be cleaner, brighter and more delicate)
4 Delivery Status Soft state (HRB ≤ 90
5 Grade 304 / 304L / 316L / 321 / 317L
6 Standard ASTM (ASME) SA / A312 /A213 /A269 and DIN, GB, JIS.
7 Size O.D3/16"-1 1/4 "(4.76mm-31.8mm), W.T 0.028"-0.083"(0.7mm-2.11mm).
8 Tolerance Outer Diameter: ±0.08mm(0.00315″), Wall Thickness: ±10%.
9 Length 9.1According to the different outer diameter and wall thickness, the weight of one
           coil of seamless coiled tubes is about 80kg-100kg.
Please NoteThe longer the length of seamless coiled tubes, the more
           expensive the price Is. The most economical price is that the weight of single
           coil is less than 28kg.
According to the required outer diameter and wall thickness, the  length of
           stainless steel seamless coiled tubes is converted by the theoretical calculation
           formula of stainless steel tube.
Solemnly NoteThere is no welding point in the whole coils of seamless
           coiled tubes.
According to the demand, multi coils stainless steel seamless coiled tubes can
           also be used to form super long stainless steel coil tubes of several thousand
           meters by butt welding. 
10 Marking on pipes As Customer's Requirement.
11 Certification ISO9001:2000,GB/T19001-2000.
12 Delivery Mode 12.1T / T Settlement, both can be in ton price and per meter price or per foot
The production cycle of stainless steel seamless coiled tubes with single coil
              weight less than 30kg is about 25-45 days
The single coil weight of stainless steel seamless coiled tubes is 30kg-50kg,
              and the production cycle is about 60-75 days
The single coil weight of stainless steel seamless coiled tubes is 50kg-100kg,
              and the production cycle is about 75-100days
13 Packing        Packed in woven bag or plywood box, plywood spool, convenient for transportation and storageThe finished stainless steel coiled tubes will be wound into a roll and packed into plywood boxor it's wrapped in plywood spoolsMaritime, ground and air transport are convenientReduce transportation costs and facilitate customer inventory storage.
14 Advantages      Stainless steel bright coiled tubes can be cut and bent according to the required length In use, which can reduce waste and cost. Especially in the installation of the pipeline, The installation joint is saved and the safety performance is improved. Especially in the Hydraulic system to reduce the risk of system leakage, seamless coiled tubes will be The best choice, greatly reducing the use of joints in the installation process, the safety of The entire pipeline system is completely improved and strengthened the security of the system operation.
15 Application Scope      Stainless steel coiled tubes is widely used in oil drilling, shipbuilding, aerospace and petrochemical oil refining equipment, spiral wound heat exchanger and chemical industry of cold treatment, gas transmission pipeline, fluid pipeline, steam insulation pipe cable, stainless steel heat tracing coiled tubes, high pressure fluid pipeline, stainless steel thermal insulation pipe cable, anticorrosive stainless steel pipe cable and umbilical cord protected by pvc sheath pipe and cable industries.    Jingning junwen steel co.,ltd



Stainless Tube Coiled Type